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Are You Struggling To Find Success In Todays Volatile Market?
How I Was Able to Achieve Success in Todays Markets as a Value Investor— And How YOU Can Too!
I know exactly what that it’s like to struggle to find success in the markets. Before I became consistent with investing, I spent a lot of time headed in the wrong direction.


Due to severe health issues in the past, I wasn't able to go to college to learn how to value invest. I had to take a different approach if I was going to make it.

I bought countless books on value investing. I studied and researched the markets to the best of my abilities…
 But There Was a Tiny Problem…
I wasn’t really serious about committing to MY success.

Sure, all the books and guides piling up on my bookshelf made it look like I was serious. All of the desperate charges on my credit card made me look dedicated.

But I failed to take serious action.

I experimented with all sorts of different avenues. I tried things like reading investment blogs, joining Facebook groups, and even paid “gurus” to teach me what I thought I was missing.

Yet, I had still failed to fully commit too investing in my greatest asset;

Then I Realized Something..
I realized I was only spinning my wheels. The direction I was headed in, was NOT getting me any closer to where I wanted to be.

So I had to make a change. A necessary change IF I wanted to reach the success I knew I was capable of.

So I acted.

I changed my entire mindset. I stopped experimenting with useless information that wasn’t getting me anywhere.

I stopped wasting my money and energy on the things that wasn’t moving me closer to reaching my goals.

And I started taking the same steps YOU will be able to take along side me in this program I’m about to reveal.

I learned quickly that it wasn’t going to be easy.

I found out the learning curve is steep when you’re trying to learn value investing through trial and error.

I made a lot of mistakes and wasted a lot of time and money.

The money can be earned back, sure.

But I will never be able to get all of the wasted time back that I spent in the beginning of my journey.

And that’s what I’m here to save you from, if you decide to take control of your investing journey today.
Who Am I?
My name is Jason Rivera and I'm the Chairman, CEO, and Founder of Rivera Holdings LLC., an investment holding company.

I had many struggles learning the keys to value investing, maybe some of the same ones you are currently experiencing.

Now, 15 years later, I've written an acclaimed value investing education book—How To Value Invest

Since then I have:
  • Produced investment returns in the portfolios I manage that are barely behind the Great Warren Buffett when compared to the first 10 years of his career.
  • ​I give my clients the chance to to the same, but at a fraction of the cost of things like universities that will charge you $50,000 to $100,000.
  • ​Teach my clients EVERYTHING they need to become a world-class value investor without any of the "fluff" offered by many fake gurus out there today.
Now You Can Learn These Same Secrets
Get straight to the point, without the struggles I faced. No need of wasting time and money with trial and error as I did.

I am now offering my 1 on 1, 4-Month Value Investing Coaching Program.

Forget struggling with trial and error.

Don’t worry about guessing on what is a good buying opportunity.

Because once you know how I’ve made this program work for me, you’ll never again have to wonder if you’re making a good investment!

In this 1 on 1 coaching program will give you the exact tools you need to become the value investor you aspire to be.

Here’s just a peek of what’s waiting for you, on the inside:
  ​The Proper Value Investing Mindset.
  ​Why things like emotional stability, patience, and discipline will help you in all aspects of your life.  Not just when it comes to value investing.
  ​​You'll know how to evaluate and value entire businesses from scratch... All by yourself.
  ​​You'll learn what things like ROIC, FCF / Sales, and CCC mean, why they're so important, and what they could mean for a potential investment.
  You'll learn 23 ways to value a business. Something no one else I know teaches you how to do.
  You'll learn how to find GREAT companies to research.
  You'll learn how to analyze these companies on a preliminary basis to save you A TON of time.
  You'll analyze companies on a preliminary basis, so you can weed out the ones that don't qualify fast to save your time and energy.
  You'll learn how to invest with a massive margin of safety and very little risk.
  You'll discover how to read financial reports and how to figure out what the information in the financial reports means and how to use it.
  You'll learn new ways to find valuable hidden assets within a companies financial reports.
  You'll discover how to evaluate a company's competitors and industry to find the best investment possible.
  Gain access to exclusive resources I've never released anywhere else before, to help you reach your goals!
  Gain access to resources I've developed over my 15+ year career that not will give you a step-by-step process accompanied by pictures and videos
  Gain access to my valuation and research templates I use every time I evaluate a business. This will save you a TON of time!
  Gain access to ALL the best videos, articles, books, and other resources I've learned from over the years.
  And much more....
Why Am I So Confident This Will Work For You?
I’m NOT making an educated guess that my process will work for you. This is a tried and true system that I have developed over my decade-long career in this industry.

Just take a look at a testimonial from one of my students:
"Good choice to decide to join this group. I made the same decision as you to seriously learn investing and this seems a great place to start. You will learn a lot from this course and Jason is always available to help you with any questions or doubts you may have during the journey." Matteo A.
Here's A Picture Of Matteo and I In Madrid Spain When We Met In Person
This program is 1 on 1 meaning, you’ll have FULL access to me through the entirety of the program.

Again here’s Matteo to explain:
"Thank you for the answer Jason Rivera. I am learning so much and the coaching is such a great tool to learn faster and better. I like having someone to talk to so often about investing. It makes the journey in value investing more enjoyable."
Here's Another Coaching Program Student...
Another student - Jeff P. - told me he'd like to take a hiatus from coaching after only 23 sessions and 6 months.  Why?

Because he and his wife were starting a business and he wanted to use the skills and knowledge he gained in this program in starting this business.

Jeff went from zero understanding of how to read and understand and use the information in financial statements to taking a hiatus to use this info in his business.
And here's another testimonial from Chris A., who I coached in the past as well...
"Jason really helped me identify and hone in on what is important when it comes to analyzing a company. I have been reading on investing for over a year by myself. Walking through the process with Jason helped me crystallize my own process and thinking surrounding analysis." - Chris A.
Now that you know it’s possible, you could be the next success story.

In just 4 short months, you could be just like Matteo and Jeff!

Best of all, it’s easy to start seeing results almost immediately if you put in the effort.

 All you have to do is enroll today, and in just moments you’ll discover all the important aspects of value investing that you’ve been missing out on.
But wait, it gets even better. Because...
I’m dedicated to your success. When you succeed, I succeed.

So to sweeten the deal, I’m going to be throwing in a couple of extra resources valued at OVER $9,000 when you enroll today!

Check out the extras you have waiting for you on the inside:

Resource #1: The Value Investing Blueprint -
$5,000 Value Yours Free
My team and I aren’t even selling this yet, but we will next year for $5,000. The Value Investing Blueprint is the exact step by step process I’ve developed over the last 15+ years to find, evaluate, and value stocks fast.
Resource #2: Free LIFETIME Access To The Value Investing Masterclass - Worth More Than $4,000 - Yours Free
In this masterclass, you'll learn everything you need to learn step by step to become a world-class value investor, even if you have zero knowledge of value investing right now.

Plus you'll gain access to never before seen resources, videos and lessons. And you'll have access to this course forever so you can go back and learn from it anytime you want.
Resource #3: Free Access To ALL Resources and Templates From These Programs
PLUS you'll gain access to ALL resources in these programs. These include exclusive resources I've developed over the last 15 years.

Preliminary analysis templates.
Preliminary analysis research procedure documents.
Valuation and profitability metric Templates.
Books and video recommendations.
And so much more...

Infinite Lifetime Value

So let me ask you... 

What is becoming the best value investor you can be, worth to you?

If you’re like I was in the beginning, you’ve already spent hundreds of dollars on books, programs, and courses on value investing.
But none of those gave you the results you wanted. And that’s because they were all missing something...

1 on 1 time with your mentor with a door fully opened policy!

That’s what makes my 4 month Value Investing Program different.

Because for the first time ever, you’ll finally be able to be confident in your investing skills.

And that’s a promise.

Now, I know you’re probably thinking that this is gonna set you back a ton, I mean heck did you see the 40k in free bonuses?

 But it’s not even close. That’s because I wanted to make sure this solution is available to absolutely everyone that TRULY want’s to become a seasoned value investor in 4 months or less.

And that’s why if you act now, you can become my student for the introductory price of just $10,000.

That’s right…your struggles solved, your headaches gone, for a one-time investment of just $10,000.

You know this is an absolute steal, so click link below to order now.

And just to put you at ease..

You Get To Try This Entire Program FOR FREE!

If you’re not satisfied with the program for ANY reason within the first 14 days after payment, let me know and I will issue a refund for the FULL amount. No questions asked!

Plus, you’ll even get to keep thousands of dollars worth of resources from this program as a thank you for trying it out!

That’s how confident I am that this program will work for you!

Fair enough?

Then there’s just one thing left for you to do...

Take Advantage of the Special Introductory Price and Order Now for Just $10,000.
$10,000 One Time Payment Now For Coaching And All Bonuses
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For An Investment of $10,000 You're Getting More Than $9,000+ Worth of Value. Plus This Still Isn't All...
You Get To Try This Entire Program For Free Because I'm Offering A 14 Day Money Back Guarantee On It.
If You're Not Satisfied With ALL This Value Anytime For ANY Reason Within The First 14 Days After Your Investment, Let My Team And I Know And We'll Give You A Full Refund.
Plus, You'll Get To Keep Thousands Of Dollars of Resources From These Programs As My Apologies For You Not Liking The Program If You Cancel Within The First 14 Days.
If You're Not Satisfied With ALL This Value Anytime For ANY Reason Within The First 14 Days After Your Investment, Let My Team And I Know And We'll Give You A Full Refund.

Plus, You'll Get To Keep Thousands Of Dollars of Resources From These Programs As My Apologies For You Not Liking The Program If You Cancel Within The First 14 Days.

For A Small Investment of $10,000 You're Getting Enormous Value.

Plus This Isn’t All...

I Hold NOTHING Back In This $10,000 Program...

Below Is A List Of Just SOME Of The Things You'll Learn With All These Resources You Gain Access To Today When You Invest
  • ​All Important Value Investing Terms - Things Like ROIC, ROCE, CCC, FCF / Sales, Etc., Mean On A Deep Level And More Importantly Why They're So Important
  • ​Why A Proper Value Investing Mindset Is So Important
  • ​How To Keep Your Emotions In Check
  • ​How To Build Immense Discipline
  • ​How To Become A Master Of Patience
  • ​12+ Different Valuation Techniques That Will Allow You To Value 90%+ Of ALL Companies Worldwide
  • ​What Investment Float Is, Why It's So Powerful, And How To Value And Evaluate It
  • ​How To Read Financial Statements
  • ​What Owner's Earnings Are, How To Calculate This, And Why It's So Important
  • ​And MUCH MUCH MORE...
Still have questions about the program?
Book a FREE call by emailing me at and I’ll be happy to BUST any objections you may have!
To Invest In This Program Before The Price Changes Again, Use The Box Below

But you NEED to act FAST! I can’t offer these resources for free forever.

I would put myself out of a job if I did that.

So enroll today before you miss out on the $9,000+ worth of FREE bonuses!

Become the Investor you know is possible!

And don’t lose sight of what our dear friend had to say…

$10,000 One Time Payment Now For Coaching And All Bonuses
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