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I LOVE the quote above from the great Warren Buffett... Not only because it's such a simple and overlooked concept. But also because if you follow this advice you're almost guaranteed to find success in your life.
Because most people stop learning after they get out of high school, get out of college, or get a job. Most people do when one of the things get settled in where they're at, and never push themselves to become better much less great.
  If you're here today it's because either:
  You've decided you want to become better by investing in yourself and you want to take the next step.
  You're curious about value investing and want to know more about how to get better, faster.
Either way, you're in the right place. My name is Jason Rivera and I'm the Chairman, CEO, and Founder of Rivera Holdings LLC., an investment holding company.
Among running my various business interests, I've dedicated a large majority of my time to teaching others how to become world class value investors.
Why? Because due to severe health issues in the past, I wasn't able to go to college to learn how to value invest.

I didn't have a mentor who could teach me what I wanted and needed to learn. And because of this, I've wasted literally years of time trying to figure out everything myself.

Now, 11 years later, I've written an acclaimed value investing education book titled How To Value Invest.

Got hired by a prominent investment newsletter solely off the strength of my investment analysis.

Have produced higher returns for my investors in the first six years of my career, than the Great Warren Buffett did in the first six years of his career.

Have crushed the market in that same time with my investments. And am now helping others like you become world-class value investors, in a fraction of the time it took me to do so...

In a fraction of the time, it would take you to get an MBA from a high powered university like Columbia or Wharton...

At a fraction of the costs these places will charge you... In many cases to get a 6-year MBA, it will cost you $50,000 to $100,000+ at many universities.

And teaching you EVERYTHING you need to become a world-class value investor without any of the fluff you get in many places.
In this 4-month intensive value investment coaching program,
you'll learn the following things and much more...
  ​The Proper Value Investing Mindset.
  ​If you don't have this mindset, you'll learn lessons and resources how to develop these skill sets.
  ​​You'll learn why things like emotional stability, patience, and discipline will help you in all aspects of your life and not just when it comes to value investing.
  ​​Even if you have ZERO knowledge about value investing, by the end of this 4-month period, you'll know how to evaluate and value entire businesses from beginning to end by yourself.
  ​​You'll learn what things like ROIC, FCF / Sales, and CCC mean, why they're so important, and what they could mean for a potential investment.
  You'll learn more than a dozen ways to value a business. Something no one else I know teaches you how to do.
  You'll learn how to find companies to research.
  You'll learn how to analyze these companies on a preliminary basis to save you A TON of time.
  You'll learn how to find great companies faster.
  You'll learn how to invest with a massive margin of safety and very little risk.
  You'll learn how to read financial reports and how to figure out what the information in the financial reports means.
  You'll learn ways to find valuable hidden assets within a companies financial reports.
  You'll learn how to evaluate a company's competitors and industry to find the best investment possible.
  You'll gain access to exclusive resources I've never released anywhere else before, to help you reach your goals and dreams.
  You'll gain access to resources I've developed over my 11+ year career that not only cut out an immense amount of time and frustration. But they'll also show you how to do things step by step with pictures or videos.
  You'll gain access to my valuation and research templates I use every time I evaluate a business.
  You'll gain access to ALL the best videos, articles, books, and other resources I've learned from over the years.
  And much more....
Why am I so Confident of All the Above?
Because I've already helped others achieve this and I want to help you do the same.
Here's A Brief Testimonial From One Of My $10,000 Coaching Program Members...
"Good choice to decide to join this group. I made the same decision as you to seriously learn investing and this seems a great place to start. You will learn a lot from this course and Jason is always available to help you with any questions or doubts you may have during the journey." Matteo A.

And Further from Matteo...

"Thank you for the answer Jason Rivera. I am learning so much and the coaching is such a great tool to learn faster and better. I like having someone to talk to so often about investing. It makes the journey in value investing more enjoyable."
Here's A Picture Of Matteo and I In Madrid Spain When We Met In Person
From Another Coaching Program Student...
Another student - Jeff P. - told me he'd like to take a hiatus from coaching after only 23 sessions and 6 months.  Why?

Because he and his wife were starting a business and he wanted to use the skills and knowledge he gained in this program in starting this business.

Jeff went from zero understanding of how to read and understand and use the information in financial statements to taking a hiatus to use this info in his business.
And here's another testimonial from Chris A., who I coached in the past as well...
"Jason really helped me identify and hone in on what is important when it comes to analyzing a company. I have been reading on investing for over a year by myself. Walking through the process with Jason helped me crystallize my own process and thinking surrounding analysis." - Chris A.
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When Investing In This Coaching Program You Also Gain Access To The Following Things Because I Want To Ensure Your Success
Resource #1: Free 
One Year Access To The Value Investing Journey Training Vault
These client training videos show you everything from how to find companies to research all the way to doing final analysis and valuations of them. How to read financial statements and how to value and evaluate their competitors.

As of this writing; well, worth more than $20,000 in value and we're continually adding more videos to this vault.
Resource #2: Free LIFETIME Access To The 6-Week Value Investing Journey Masterclass
In this masterclass, you'll learn everything you need to learn step by step to become a world-class value investor, even if you have zero knowledge of value investing right now.

Plus you'll gain access to never before seen resources, videos and lessons. And you'll have access to this course forever so you can go back and learn from it anytime you want.

Worth more than $20,000 in value.
Resource #3: Free Access To ALL Resources and Templates From These Programs
PLUS you'll gain access to ALL resources in these programs. These include exclusive resources I've developed over the last 11 years.

Preliminary analysis templates.
Preliminary analysis research procedure documents.
Valuation and profitability metric Templates.
Books and video recommendations.
And so much more...

Infinite Lifetime Value
$10,000 One Time Payment Now For Coaching And All Bonuses
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Or If You Want To Pay In 4 Equal Installments of $2,500 You Can Do So Below...
For An Investment of $10,000 You're Getting More Than $50,000 Worth of Value. Plus This Still Isn't All...
You Get To Try This Entire $50,000 + Program For Free Because I'm Offering A 14 Day Money Back Guarantee On It.
If You're Not Satisfied With ALL This Value Anytime For ANY Reason Within The First 14 Days After Your Investment, Let My Team And I Know And We'll Give You A Full Refund.
Plus, You'll Get To Keep Thousands Of Dollars of Resources From These Programs As My Apologies For You Not Liking The Program If You Cancel Within The First 14 Days.
If You're Not Satisfied With ALL This Value Anytime For ANY Reason Within The First 14 Days After Your Investment, Let My Team And I Know And We'll Give You A Full Refund.

Plus, You'll Get To Keep Thousands Of Dollars of Resources From These Programs As My Apologies For You Not Liking The Program If You Cancel Within The First 14 Days.
I Hold NOTHING Back In This $10,000 Program...

Below Is A List Of Just SOME Of The Things You'll Learn With All These Resources You Gain Access To Today When You Invest
  • ​All Important Value Investing Terms - Things Like ROIC, ROCE, CCC, FCF / Sales, Etc., Mean On A Deep Level And More Importantly Why They're So Important
  • ​Why A Proper Value Investing Mindset Is So Important
  • ​How To Keep Your Emotions In Check
  • ​How To Build Immense Discipline
  • ​How To Become A Master Of Patience
  • ​12+ Different Valuation Techniques That Will Allow You To Value 90%+ Of ALL Companies Worldwide
  • ​What Investment Float Is, Why It's So Powerful, And How To Value And Evaluate It
  • ​How To Read Financial Statements
  • ​What Owner's Earnings Are, How To Calculate This, And Why It's So Important
  • ​And MUCH MUCH MORE...
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And Remember...
$10,000 One Time Payment Now For Coaching And All Bonuses
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